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This is your chance to measure your polydisperse (nano)particle systems with single-particle sensitivity and in-flow for the first time. Customers come to us to:

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After the first contact we will get back to you as soon as possible. In our first conversation, our experts will answer all your questions and give a detailed overview of what you can expect from OF2i and our products. When all your questions are answered, we can start to revolutionize your measurement as follows. 

You receive a tailored solution offer after an evaluation session

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Neue Stiftingtalstraße 2B 8010 Graz, Austria



By car

Coming from Riesstraße, you make a turn into Sitftingtalstraße and soon you'll find the entrance to the LKH Graz parking garage "Stiftingtal" on your left side. Park here and walk along Stifting Creek until you reach the Institute for Hospital Hygiene. There you cross the road to Med Uni Graz. When you have passed the restaurant "Das O", you take the outdoor stairs to the next level and then walk straight ahead until you reach our entrance.