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You are interested in collaborations or testing our real-time online OF2i characterization technology? This is our 3-stage process for your product:


1. Send us your samples:

We will measure your product samples (ideally different processing states) in our BRAVE laboratories and test them against standard offline characterization techniques such as Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) and others if needed. A full real-time characterization feasibility report will be provided which gives you the base for a clear STOP and GO decision for the next stage. 


2. Pilot scale test phase: 

BRAVE implements an OF2i device either into your existing production or a pilot process line – OR - if available, a downscaled process will be installed at our lab premises for a 1-2 week on-line and real time process characterization trial. A full report on the real time process analytics and process control feasibility serves as base for our third stage.


3. A permanent device plant installation:

Together with you we define clear installation, software and connection interfaces (sample in – data out) within your production lines and determine a clear roadmap for the permanent installation of your OF2i systems. Permanent particle characterization data streams will be available for your process control and process feedback.

We would be happy to discuss further details as well as your objectives with you at a personal appointment.

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